Let me share with you how I transformed my life AND the keys to how I've maintained it for over 20 years!
Yes, Ill be sharing with you the TRUTH about how I've been able to permanently change my life FOR GOOD and what it really means when I say that it's not just about food and exercise. 
How it is that I've done this without EVER dieting or depriving myself, and how I teach my clients to do the same. 
Ill also be sharing the absolute KEY to the puzzle that I've only just grasped in the last few years that has enabled me to really slip into the sweet spot of WAY less exercise, greater freedom with food and a space of true happiness with- and admiration of- my own body :)
I can't wait to share it all with YOU :)
Big love,

BridgetJane OX

When : 22nd July 12:30pm Brisbane time
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